Nola’s Grand Reference VI speakers is about realism of sound

Andrea Divirgilio / May 4, 2012

In the arena of floor standing speakers, which has now become increasingly crowded as well, there are only handfuls that give out the realism of sound, as it was always meant to be. We saw a host of high-end audio at CES 2012, which most apparently impress users with their looks, technology following suit. But for the NOLA grand Reference VI floor standing speakers, its purely about the high-end audio experience for even the most demanding of audiophiles. Comprising of a total unit of 8 different towers with varied functionality, The Grand Reference VI is meant for not just the discerning audiophile, but also someone who is looking to set up a grand stage for a thorough experience. However, no word on the price just as yet.

NOLA Grand Reference VI speakers

For a system to come together, that too at a time, when most small things are going great guns, the Grand Reference VI stands a complete contrast; the complete system comprises of 8 towers which aren’t very small. This sends out a message to grand mansion owners and their demands for a great audio experience, which they could also show of their speakers. The 8 towers comprise of 2 Main towers, 2 external passive crossover units, 2 passive subwoofer towers, and 2 IP 1-A ball bearing crossover isolation platforms. Technology wise, the hi-points of the system will be the 54 premium transducers which have been fitted in the system, along with true ribbon tweeters which have been empowered with neodymium magnets, which works for removal of low distortion. These come coupled with the magnesium woofers that play the most crucial role for pumping in the ‘life’ that the speaker set differentiates itself with. Talking of the numbers, the entire system has a 12Hz to 46 KHz frequency response range, along with the sensitivity of 91dB at 2.82 volts. The output level however, goes up to 120 dB.

As for the body fabrication goes its rosewood piano grade in natural color, or with black enameling on special order. The only factor knocking on the doubtful door is the overall weight, with each tower pegged at 300-lbs each. But then, when you are creating your grand theater, it shouldn’t matter much to have it as a part of one’s collection.


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