Nook Coffee Table by Dave Pickett with an integrated bookshelf

Andrea Divirgilio / January 12, 2011

nook coffee table by dave pickett

Nothing brings a living room together quite like a coffee table, but as the modern designs look into multi functionality of furniture, we are but perplexed at the site of so many choices. Enter the Nook Coffee Table by Dave Pickett, which is an ingeniously designed geometric coffee table with a nook for your books. The integrated bookshelf acts as a balance for your heavy volumes of antiquity. The complex geometry of the design gives the table a floating impression and engages the viewer with its balancing act. All four sides of the Nook offer enough foot room, and the nook is spacious enough to keep your books, magazines, laptops or extra pillows.

Made from soft maple hardwoods and finished in a natural tung oil, the Nook by Dave Pickett is truly a conversation piece sure to become the centerpiece of your living room.

Via: Notcot/MoCoLoco

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