Northstar Mountainside ski homes in California: Take off into skis from home to ski slopes

Andrea Divirgilio / January 31, 2012

From all kinds of homes that strike a chord, especially in nature friendly places, ski-homes or resorts feature as a prominent attraction, especially for professional skiers. We had earlier shown you certain attractive destinations in the world, which continue to be noted for the unique location, such as the Verbier a place to see Russian oligarchs, and also Steamboat Condominiums, which set a trend in the luxury real estate markets for buying properties in those markets. For those looking for similar style of living in the mountains, where the horizons are snow capped and ideal for skiing too, Northstar Mountainside Homes are the perfect options for such a home buyer.

Northstar Mountainside Homes

Price: $775,000- $2.6 million

The settings and location: Set amongst the upper portions of the famous Lake Tahoe, The Northstar Mountainside homes have been constructed alongside the rough yet rather picturesque scenery of the hills, which are majorly covered by snow for a major part of the year. Due to this very reason, the landscape becomes a big attraction for those addicted to skiing, as folks out there put it, just putting on your equipments, and jumping out to ski away isn’t a figure of speech anymore. It’s what you can actually do! Built as a series of 16 townhouses and 25 custom home sites, the site offers direct access to ski ways, bridges, and even tunnels. There is also a close proximity to pedestrian communities around which are spots for socializing and letting one’s hair down, at the various eateries and also the shops. They would actually includes, art galleries and the central open air skating rinks. Also there are different projects of homes to choose from, including the Glades, which are known to have the better of all ski ways (Timberline and Glades), and if those don’t suit you, the Home Run Development project is always there.

Northstar Mountainside Homes

Accommodations: There is whole variety of ski-homes available, with the premier of the set having a 5-bedroom 5-bathroom setup, and also an area of over 3,200 square feet. The Homesites on the other hand, are carefully etched out pieces of land ranging from 0.89 acres to 1.42 acres in size, which shall be the main places for panoramic scenic beauty, the trees being the main attraction, apart from the mountain landscape.

Northstar Mountainside Homes

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