Not-for-sale diamond-encrusted LG Shine phones

Andrea Divirgilio / October 15, 2007

diamond lg shine 1
Amongst a jumble of red carpet, glittering diamonds, models, and fashion magazine editors, LG Canada took wraps off its new stainless steel Shine cellphones at the flagship Birks Jewelry store . But, the thing that raised all the eyebrows at the event was a pair of Shine phones encrusted with over $30,000 in diamonds, considered to be the most expensive phones in Canada. The two special edition, not-for-sale, diamond-encrusted versions of the Shine flip and slider phones have been festooned with over $30,000 in diamonds by Birks’ designers. The flip model comes with a charm decorated in diamonds while the slider model has the words ‘Born To Shine’ spelled out in diamonds.

diamond lg shine 2

It could have been cool if they auctioned them for some noble cause or whatever because a diamond-studded LG Shine is seriously not meant to be hidden beside the veils. What say?

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