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Nude photograph of Madonna smoking in bed goes for sale

Andrea Divirgilio / April 24, 2012

When Madonna has to do something, it has to be grabbing the headlines at all times. Whether it’s using diamond eyelashes or simply launching a D&G eyewear range, the attention she receives is beyond phenomenal in most cases; one of the reasons being that she is the most successful solo female artist ever. With the eventful and rather crazy lifestyle she has lead, posing nude for the camera has indeed been one of them. In 1990, she posed for a series of photographs for Steven Meisel, the most famous of which is now up for auction at Bonham’s. Titled ‘Ed No.1’ this photograph shows the Queen of Pop in her bare form, covered partially by a bedsheet and a lighted cigarette in hand.

As attention grabbing as she always has been, Madonna had gotten published a book titled ‘Sex’, which was ac collection of rather provocative, but aesthetic photographs along with her take on the subject. Published in 1992, one of them was the ‘Ed No.1’ photo which showed her in heavy eye-make up and laying bare on the bed, with a very delicately placed bedsheet to cover herself, and also a lighted cigarette in hand. Every element made of it made the headlines, including the way she placed the cigarette at her pouted lips. Despite industry specialists labeling the book as not being a hit, it managed to sell more than 1.5 million copies across the world, and it should not be a surprise, that the photograph fetch an astronomic sum at the auction. Estimates placed on it peg it to be selling for around $6,597 (£5,000), though the actual one remains to be seen.

However, for art enthusiasts of this genre, do take a look at the recent auctions like the John Lenon photograph collection, Helmut Newton collection, and Richard Avedon ‘Natassia Kinski and the serpent’ photocraph in black and white. Goes to show, the enthusiasm is always the same.

Via: Fox News

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