Nude photos of John Lennon for sale

Andrea Divirgilio / April 11, 2012

The nude human body has always been one of the principal subjects for artists at all times in human history, as it has always inspired them to conceptualize some of the greatest artworks. Despite being controversial, the nude artwork has always remain popular, and the celebrities have always used it as an advertising tool as well. We have earlier seen some of the celebrity nude work like the Lady Gaga’s nude sketch by Tony Bennet and the nude pic of Kate Moss that got auctioned for record prices. Now, the two vintage photographs showing the Beatles icon John Lennon and his partner Yoko Ono posing naked have come up for auction.

John Lennon and Ono Nude images

Both original front and back photographs of the ex-Beatle, John Lennon and his beautiful partner Yoko Ono, which was used on the cover of their 1968 alum, Unfinished Music No 1: Two Virgins, will be auctioned at Duke’s auctioneers in Dorchester, Dorset on April 12.

Stunned by the discovery, the current owner of the photograph got these black and white snaps in the attic of his late mother’s house in Dorset, and he has no idea from where her mother got these. One image, which was used on the front of the LP cover, shows the iconic pair naked from the front, while the image used on the reverse shows them naked from behind. However, these are wider shots than the ones produced on the 1968 album cover. Further, because of the nudity on the album cover and the controversial element attached to it, many record stores refused to stock the album. And, wherever it was sold, it was handed over to the customers packed in an opaque brown paper bag.

Taken on a self timer at fellow Beatle Ringo Starr’s London apartment where the couple Lennon and Ono stayed later that year, these black-and-white has been described as rare and vintage. With a given pre-sale estimate price of $1,113, the Beatles fans have already shown their keen interest in them.

Lady Gaga nude sketch by Tony Bennett

Via: TheSun

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