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Nygard Cay Beach Resort- Most Expensive in the World

Ivan Andrews / July 9, 2013

No place can beat the ambiance of the Bahamas when it comes to spending your private moments with family and friends. New Providence in Bahamas is home to Peter Nygard’s,  Nygard Cay Beach Resort.  This vacation rental comes at a princely sum of $42,000 for a week and offers the luxury of being in one of the most desirable locations in the world.

For those desirous of visiting the Nygard Cay Beach Resort, private limousine and Hummer transfer is available from Nassau International Airport. Perhaps, the words of Robin Leach of Lifestyle of Rich and Famous are apt to describe the Nygard Cay Beach Resort. Robin describes the Nygard Cay Beach Resort as the most unusual villa rental.

Nygard Cay Beach Resort lives up to its expectations and one can expect all the comforts under a single roof. For those who wish to spend some relaxing moments in the ambiance of the resort, the Nygard Cay Beach Resort has two pools and Jacuzzi.

If you are keen in testing your sporting skills, the resort has tennis and volleyball courts. This 10 bedroom ultra modern vacation rental also has a 24 seat movie theatre to help one enjoy their favourite movies.

Personal staff deputed at the resort will be at ones service and one can head off to the sea in exclusively designed fishing boats if one desires to test their fishing skills.  The resort has 3 fishing boats and one can expect to make a worthy catch for an evening treat.

The resort is an appropriate place to celebrate anniversary, weddings and can be a perfect destination for birthday bash. Rich and the famous have often visited the resort, fact that can be judged from the fact that famous personalities as Oprah Winfrey, Robert DeNiro and Sean Connery have been to Nygard Cay Beach Resort. Former American President, George H.W Bush too has visited the Nygard Cay Beach Resort on more than one occasion.

Another unique thing that makes the Nygard Cay Beach Resort exclusive is the fact that Peter Nygard, the Canadian owner of this resort has a privately owned Boeing 727. The same is available to pick up groups of tourists from any part of the world, if a request for the same is made.

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