Obama’s Chrysler 300 is up on eBay for $1 million

Andrea Divirgilio / January 30, 2012

The internet space is now the new place for high-end shopping, including cars! After covering some significant purchases like the Ferrari F430 and the 1964 Pontiac Firebird, it’s time for another attention grabbing item: President Barack Obama’s 2005 Chrysler 300. When in 2005, the then senator started touring for his senatorial duties, this sedan was apparently one of the vehicles he used for being ferried back and forth between Washington D.C. and Chicago but when the bid for the presidency began, he bid farewell to the car and used the Ford Escape Hybrid instead. Though it was put on auction earlier, but the sale wasn’t successful and hence this time, it carries a $2,000 deposit to start the bidding, which begins with a price $1 million.

Chrysler 300 owned by Barack Obama

It may not among the best cars on road but when it comes to its bidding history, the car has passed an interesting time at auctions. When it was first put up on eBay a few years ago by Tim O’Boyle, it had a similar price tag to start the bid, but pranksters ensured that the final bid went up to $100 million, which was unrealistic by all means. Hence, now that it has gone up again, Mr. Boyle has ensured that pranksters cannot do the same; hence a $2,000 entry fee has been levied. But as per reports, this too has actually ensured that the sale goes on for a further delay. Some bidders are known to have been against this fee so the car is still laying its stable for auction.

Chrysler 300 owned by Barack Obama

Looking into some details of this Chrysler 300, it features an 8-cylinder gasoline engine which has covered a distance of 20,800 miles on the meter. It features an automatic transmission to ensure the smoother and more comfortable transition between speed levels. As for the looks, the exterior features a sophisticated grey color, which has also been copied on the interior upholstery. The imposing grille and tires have been retained, making it signature to what Chrysler is known for. Now, it only awaits a successful and worthy bidder, which by now should quite a few people.

Via: eBay/ MSN

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