Obscura introduces coolest pool table ever

Andrea Divirgilio / September 19, 2009

obscura pool table

For a game that is already addictive enough, Obscura realized there’s more room to add fun and make each pool set look like a party. The Obscura CueLight is an amazing innovation that uses sensors and motion detectors with an overhead projector to create images as you leap on the table for that perfect calling. While balls reveal an image hidden underneath, the system can also be configured to trail flames behind the balls, or even project a pool of water on the table that creates ripples as the balls strike the side rails. The system that costs around $80,000 sans pool table, is projecting on a $125,000 pool table at the Esquire Ultimate Bachelor Pad. It would really be fun to play on such a table, and not to mention this well-documented fact that if you hold a cue stick in your hand, your coolness level increases exponentially.

Check out the image gallery below:

Via: Gizmodo/CrunchGear/TechEBlog

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