Ochs und Junior Moon Phase Patina is the world’s most accurate moon phase calculation in a wristwatch

Andrea Divirgilio / March 21, 2013

One of the luxury horological world’s greatest fantasies has been moon watches, which have either tracked each phase of the earth’s satellite, have used rubble from there, or have parts of the timepiece which resemble the moon. Some prominent names in this regard include Hermès Arceau Grand Lune, Linde Werdelin Oktopus II, Romain Jerome Red Mood Chrono watch, Konstantin Chaykin’s Lunokhod, and also features as a prominent part of Patek Phillipe’s most expensive watches. Ocha und Junior Moon Phase Patina is the next line to get its share of fame, based on its association with the moon. Using just the 2 metals, i.e titanium, and brass, Ochs und Junior have created a simplistic looking watch, but with clear contrasts to track the moon phases. Hand crafted craftsmanship are a part of the watch making too!

Och und Junior Moonphase Platina watch

With some people having an insane fascination for tracking the moon phases, Ochs und Junior have engineered the Moon Phase Platina watch with 5 parts, so that it would go off balance by 1 day, a single time in 3478.27 years. This makes it the most accurate moon phase indicator amongst wrist watches. The dial of the watch is hopefully simple and not congested, with contrast of colors used to depict time, and the multi-stage journey of the moon phases. The 30+1 date perforations and 6 indices enable the precise hour, minute and second to be read. Such is the simplicity, that there isn’t a logo of the brand on the dial. Perhaps no need of one.

Och und Junior Moonphase Platina dial close up

Ludwig Oechslin is the person behind the designing and engineering of the moon phase platina. With just 5 parts, he has managed to create a mechanism which will deviate by 1 day, only in 3478.27 years. In normal cases, such changes occur in 122, 500, or 1,007 years. For lower grade timepieces, it happens as early as 2 years.

Och und Junior Moonphase Platina color option

Added for the discerning customer, the Moon Phase Platina parts are insured for a lifetime, including the gears including the case, dial, crown, and buckle. It is perhaps the reason that Ochs und Junior produces no more than 300 timepieces a year.

Och und Junior Moonphase Platina color option

From a technical standpoint, the Platina is available in 39mm or 42mm casings, with the options of picking silver or titanium casings. There is also a 5-part moon phase function created by the designer as we mentioned before. The base movement is an ETA 2824-2. If that just wasn’t it, there are options for many color combinations to pick from when it comes to the watch dial and straps, so that those who like colors, are equally pleased with their spend on the watch. Each of these timepieces, come at a cost of 8,000 CHF ($8,452) for the titanium option, and 10,000 CHF ($10,565) for the silver option.

Via: OchundJunior

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