Odiaze ZQ31D luxury speakers look damn sexy and sturdy!

Andrea Divirgilio / May 13, 2008

odiaze m3Zcv 48

This very appealing speaker dubbed the ZQ31D would surely make an entry in to either our Luxury Speakers or Sexiest Speakers top list. Coming straight from the house of Odiaze, the three-way ZQ31D loudspeaker touts an architecture that responds to the acoustic demands. It entails merging of midrange/treble column with the subwoofer box. It features a 10mm twin-magnet Kevlar tweeter; a 15-degree angled midrange waveguide loading a 38mm Kevlar driver; and a 31cm woofer. The desired volume level is achieved with no major visual impact as the woofer lies flat in the middle part. The solid cabinet is comes with a 22mm medium density fiberboard. The shape of the midrange horn makes for the asymmetrical decoupling with respect to the front panel. The aluminum bass dispersion stand makes the ZQ31D sturdy, resonance free and enhances decoupling with respect to the ground.

odiaze main ZYCBS 48

A large variety of color combinations is available for these sexy speakers. Well, there are no details about pricing on the product page, but what I got to find from one article is that the a pair of Odiaze ZQ31D wills set you back 11,300 Euros.

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