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Odyssey’s Veloce superyacht oozes power and futuristic styling

Andrea Divirgilio / October 1, 2011

Odessey Veloce Yacht

Even with the current volatile economic environment prevailing in business circles, the rich folks don’t seem to be too bothered about it. Due to their desire for luxury, it seems the guys making super yachts are pretty much on the overdrive, as we see yet another masterpiece from Odyssey Yacht Design, the Veloce. After producing the gigantic Seabourn luxury cruiser, the Veloce comes as a more contemporary idea for the future, and as something which oozes speed, power, and performance.

The Veloce yacht is a 52 meter vessel, which offers plenty of space to be utilized for outdoor activities. The tender garage at the lowest deck, to the sprawling upper decks, gives plenty to do when it comes to water-sports and even sun-bathing. If having a get-together outdoors is amongst your plan then setting up a bar on the upper decks wouldn’t be a problem. On the interiors, there is a whole of modern, yet very classically touched décor to surround yourself in. The single grained wood work on walls, furniture and even the beds, completed with darker shade of brown paintjobs create a sophisticated, yet modern ambiance all round. The lighting is to be credited too. In terms of accommodation, there are suites to accommodate 12 people, along with staff of the equal number in their quarters. The master suite on the top most deck boasts of its own exclusive balcony amongst other things such as proximity to the single helipad of the yacht. Other leisure facilities include the dining spaces, lounge, and spa.

Since the yacht is yet to be ordered by specific customer, it offers plenty to be chosen in terms of what other amenities the owner may choose to have on board, including eco-riding options, which would reduce the carbon footprint of the yacht. Currently, we are just waiting for the first real version of the yacht to glide one of the rich folks through the water.

Via: Super Yacht Times

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