OfficePOD creates a space that is dedicated to work only

Andrea Divirgilio / March 27, 2009


With its sleek and innovative design, the OfficePOD is guaranteed to turn heads and give you the space you need. The smart OfficePOD allows the employers to capitalize on the changing nature of work as it provides a new additional space that is dedicated to work only. With the OfficePOD, you will get to spend more time at home, but at the same time, it will help you keep your work separate. The basic idea behind the design of the OfficePOD was to create a self contained office that tops all standard office accommodation regulations and requirements. The modular design enables speedy construction, even in gardens with the most difficult access. High quality materials have been used in the making of this office pod. Power is provided via a protected connection to the house or garage. The OfficePOD comes with a secure locking system of the highest quality, which ensures utmost security when empty or occupied.

officepod 4

The OfficePOD cares for the environment also, thanks to its low energy consumption level, high levels of insulation and innovative cooling system. Recycled and recyclable products have been used wherever possible. The OfficePOD is being claimed to deliver savings of at least £9,000 per employee per year and reduce CO2 emissions per employee by between 46 percent and 67 percent.In nutshell, the OfficePOD is an office away from office designed to change the way people work.

officepod 5

Via: Unplggd/OfficePOD

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