The Omega Seamaster 50th anniversary James Bond watch

Andrea Divirgilio / January 24, 2012

Omega and its relationship with sophistication is perhaps common knowledge, especially for those who have followed and owned the brand in the past. After the London 2012 watch and the Eagle Chronograph, its time Omega makes a difference through the limited edition James Bond 50th anniversary timepiece, which captures the fictional spy’s styling cues on a horological platform. It’s been 50 years since the franchisee of movie began appearing on the silver screen, but notable is the fact that Omega was never the brand of the British spy back then, which might indeed be a surprise for the movie fans like us.

Omega Seamaster 50th anniversary James Bond watch

Like James Bond, the watch retains every but the sophisticated aesthetics about the ergonomics of the British fictional spy. Featuring a stainless steel casing with sapphire crystal covering, the inlay of the main dial has the ‘007’ graphic spread over the entire area which is black in color. The grey outer ring points out the minutes in 10-minute interval pattern in white enamel, where the 50 minute marking is in red, to point out the special creation of the timepiece. The hours are then displayed with bold white dots on the inner ring, while the geometrically cut hands point out the hours and minutes. The contrast is the thin red pointed seconds’ arm, which is almost the opposite of the otherwise bold shapes seen on the dial. At the back of the watch, there is the covering with ‘007’ blade pattern and the individual marking of the timepiece. Inside, there is the Caliber 2507 co-axial movement to bring in the charge needed for the watches engine. To be noted that, only 11,007 of these will actually get made. But yes, word about the pricing isn’t out as yet and company seems to be keeping it a secret.

Via: Hodinkee

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