Once Again in Front of the Mirror PC Wants You to Look Good

Andrea Divirgilio / April 25, 2007

mirror pc concept 12
This “Once Again in Front of the Mirror” is a concept PC design from architect Won-Chul Kim that featured in the exclusive 6 winning designs out of 644 entries for the PC Design Contest 2007, co-sponsored by Intel Korea and Samsung. Though, it sure is a pretty antique looking dressing table design back from your grandmom’s time, but, I am still wondering if it’s meant for serious geeks…probably not! But, on another thought, this might be a good idea for ‘work-from-home’ bloggers who don’t have to get-up and dress themselves like a gentleman for making an impression in the office; a look in the mirror will remind them to take a shower in time (just kidding)!!

via SciFiTech / CNet

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