Optime Strategies Table: Retro Arcade Gaming gets real!

Andrea Divirgilio / October 18, 2008

digital table 3 Op3cv 48

Are you simply crazy for arcade table gaming, but hate to visit the smokey bars and casinos? Bring home the Optime Strategies Table from the house of Arcade Memories. Designed as a complete reproduction of the original arcade cocktail tables of the ’80s, the Optime Strategies Table is one very versatile and classy all-in-one PC table. It comes complete with dedicated wireless keyboard, mouse, and built-in high quality speakers. The high-spec PC hooks up to standard arcade joysticks and buttons, and completely emulates the original games using the MAME (Multiple Arcade Machine Emulator) software. You can surf the web or challenge your friends in your most loved game. It has the ability to play over 3000 of the original console games and thousands of songs and even movies. The standard model comes finished in black, with chrome edging. You can even customize one to suit your liking as they have a variety of finishes and textures.

Attention has been given to every detail, from the smoked-glass top down to the coin mechanism, two-player control consoles and the integrated sound system. The top spec Optime Strategies Table is available to order at £2995 (approximately US $5180). In case you didn’t like this one, you can go for the Retro Arcade Machine Coffee Table or the popular Surface Tension internet coffee table.

Via: ArcadeMemories

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