Optoma 100

Andrea Divirgilio / June 15, 2006

optoma hdtv display

The current plasma and LCD wave has sure eaten upon the popularity of rear-projection TVs but then the rear-projection TVs has not vanished yet. And, with Optoma’s new Bigvizion modular in-wall 1080p DLP rear projection in-wall display, Optoma has been able to change the face of rear-projection display technology for better! The in-wall custom 100″ 1080p HDTV monitor requires only 30″ of depth and its customizable bezel makes it fit for any decor. The rear projection display features advanced connectivity with multiple HDMI, component, s-video, VGA and composite inputs and the display is available in 100, 90 and 80-inch (diagonal) sizes. So, if you preferred plasma over a rear-projection display just because it takes-up all the room then nothing could invade your space now! And, this will cost you less than your big-screened plasma or LCD TVs. Technabob reports, the 100-inch projection TV will cost you around $20,000.

via SciFiTech

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