Organize your life with Evoline Port Lounge Table

Andrea Divirgilio / January 19, 2010

evoline port lounge table
As we look up to the technology to improve our efficiency, we’ll have to agree that it also makes our lives to be more complex and unorganized. However, the solution also lies with the technological advancement, and this is what Evoline Port Lounge Table has proved with its discreet and elegant way to organize connections for power, networks, data and multi-media. The Evoline Port Lounge table can be swiveled up to get access of the two main sockets and two Ethernet ports to help you start off in conference venues or corporate offices. Manufactured in durable aluminum, composite covers are available in silver, black or stainless steel to accent for an elegant design that will enhance any home or office. Since we can’t miss out the increasing number of electronic gadgets that we are so dependent upon, the Evoline Port Lounge Table priced at £900 (approx. $1470) has ruled out the unsightly wires laying all over the place.

evoline port lounge table 1
Thanks, Mark!

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