Original launch ticket for Titanic estimated to fetch up to $70,000
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Original launch ticket for Titanic estimated to fetch up to $70,000

Original launch ticket for Titanic estimated to fetch up to $70,000

A while back, we had talked of the most expensive Titanic memorabilia to go on auction, apart from the personal items auction of Officer William Murdoch, but it seems the list will keep getting longer and longer, as April 15th 2012 arrives. That would be the 100th anniversary of the tragic shipwreck of the ill-fated passenger ship. The latest news about the original memorabilia to do the rounds is the Titanic original ticket to go on sale. Estimated to fetch around $70,000, the ticket will go under the hammer at the Bonham’s event to be held in New York, on the 14th and 15th of April, 2012. Still in prime condition with all markings and lettering intact, this piece of memorabilia will exchange hands, along with hundreds of other such elements of memory including a menu card from the first class passenger segment of the ship.

Titanic boarding ticket

The ill-fated day, the ill-fated gigantic passenger ship, and 100 years since then, the interest to know more and know more closely still lives on. Whether its personal memorabilia, or any other artefact related to the most documented tragedy of the 20th century, will have historians and collectors alike, thronging it for more information, or in this case, to buy it over. The special ticket is one of the originals which were distributed among the passengers, and is in surprisingly good condition. Not even the perforated portion had been torn off, which meant that the passenger who bought it, didn’t actually board the ship. Lucky him/her, and lucky us, we get to see it again after nearly a century of the sinking.

Titanic first class menu card

The other memorabilia is the first class menu card of the Titanic, which along with the others, were owned by RMS Titanic Inc. The menu card describes the list of ‘table de hote’ options for passengers in the top most categories of the ship, something which has been recently recreated at Cullen’s Houston as a dining experience. This will also be in the list of 100 of others such options, including an exhibition of 3D map of how and why the ship wrecked, along with detailed photography of the interiors of the ship. In short, no stone left unturned literally.

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The historic Titanic ticket fetched $54,068, including the auction house premium and the lunch menu was sold for $31,250. Both went to private American buyers.

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