Otto-Bench ingeniously fuses a gym into your decor

Andrea Divirgilio / June 11, 2008

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Too busy to hit the jogging tracks or just hate the ‘scene’ at your local, over crowded fitness center? Wanna burn it out in your own cozy den? I’m pretty sure that most of us don’t have apartments large enough so that we can have our own gym at home. However, Gabriel Prero has a solution for having a “little gym” in your home. Coming from Life Fitness, it is the new Otto-Bench that looks promising! The designer has focused on a piece of equipment that is meant for a small, urban environment. Fitting easily in to our living rooms, this latest equipment combines a fully functional Olympic Bench Press, Multi-Adjustable Bench, and modular magnetic free weight storage into a beautiful long ottoman.

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It also doubles up as a storage for dumbbells.
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An ideal way to disguise your secret to a well toned, muscular, most sought- after look. That too without hitting the local gym!

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