Out of the water, SHARKER comes for a spin on soil

Andrea Divirgilio / January 2, 2010

sharker bike 3

Every now and then we come across glittering and gilded shapes inspired by the world that surrounds us, so that the vitality around us be treasured for lifetimes to come. The SHARKER, developed by the GERG GROUP, is one such iconic object of desire that is driven from the nature for a purposive reason. Featuring a lightweight self-supporting carbon-fiber monocoque motorbike, the GERG GROUP has integrated the newest innovation and technology with high-performance LEDs in the development of this amazing motorbike. Weighing at 140 kg, the SHARKER is equipped with an electromechanic push button gear shifter to accelerate from 0 to 100 in just 4 sec. With its top speed at 200 – 280 km/h (depending on the transmission ratio), the SHARKER is keyless that goes buzzing with personalized code with continuously adjustable seats and handlebar within 30 sec. for totally adaptable driving positions. The design driven from the blue waters of our oceans is sure to dominate the roads as well.

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Via: GERG Group

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