Outdoor home theater, an erotic error in Belzberg’s abode

Andrea Divirgilio / February 7, 2008

outdoor home theater

If you have to pick one location between LA and Hollywood for your dream house, where would it be? Confusing right? Inevitable, for both are equally wonderful places. And if you’re placed upwards Hollywood and downwards LA, you’ll definitely go anything but crazy! Here is situated a dream home of architect Hagy Belzberg that touts of being the most sought after location for a home because it houses the coolest home theater in the world. There is no reason you’ll disagree with me, when I rate it there as the coolest, coz the outdoor home theater here is certainly beyond imagination. With ample open space, fresh air, startling view of LA and of course your favorite movie on its lustrous screen, the outdoor home theater simply surpasses even the best theaters in the world.

Featuring all the characteristics, including glass walls, clean lines, unremitting space, organized rooms and luxurious detailing, of a modern and fashionable dwelling, the 5,800-square-foot skyline residence also boosts spacious terraces, patios and a 65-foot infinity pool and spa to engage non-cinematic visitors. You guessed it right that this lavish home cannot be a perception of an individual person. A 13-member team of Belzberg Architects had contributed in designing the opulent abode. This outdoor home theater is such a cool marvel that even James Cameron would have loved to launch the ‘Titanic’ premier here.

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