Pagani Zonda C12S

$ 350 Thousand
Top Speed
350 km/h (mph)

Built by the Italian manufacturer of carbon fiber and sports cars – Pagani, the Zonda C12S made its debut at the Geneva Motor Show in the year 2000. 2011 saw the end of production with about 206 Zondas being built on a whole. The sports car arrived as the 2-seater Berlinetta or the 2-seater Roadster and right away took the great super cars head on. Since the company specialize in carbon fiber before entering the sports car business, the cars are all examples of excellent carbon-craftsmanship. Styled by Horacio Pagani himself, the car comes very close in competition to the much-higher-priced Ferrari Enzo. Though it has been priced at $350,000, one must keep in mind that this is only half that of the Ferrari Enzo.


The powerful performance of the AMG V-12 engine from Mercedes Benz is what makes the Pagani Zonda C12S a close rival to the Ferrari Enzo which has a 50-year old history of racing. This naturally aspirated, 60 degree engine has a DOHC valvetrain with 4 valves per cylinder and is able to generate a power of 555 bhp at 5,900 rpm. In other words, this amounts to 414 kW at the same 5,900 rpm. The 7,291 cc capacity engine also churns out a tremendous torque of 750 Nm at 4050 rpm. All these impressive specs show in the equally impressive stats. The car is able to zip from 0 km/h to 100 km/h in approximately 3.6 seconds and can attain top speeds in excess of 350 km/h.


The interiors will simply blow any one off one's feet! The virtual cockpit arrives with extremely comfortable and ergonomic bucket seats with seat belts. There is more than ample legroom and headroom. The accents and finish on the sides, bottom and top simply exude luxury and charm. The steering has a flat bottom and has been rimmed luxuriously in leather. Bang opposite to the gear-shift stick is a massive control console that is very futuristic in its appearance and functions. The stereo, air conditioning and humidifier controls are all located here. The air vents look like mini aircraft engines mounted on the upholstered dash. The pedals below rise up like flower stalks and are unique in their shape and designing. Airbags and hydraulic brakes contribute to safety.


Pagani's extensive knowledge of carbon fiber construction is seen in the designing and build of this super race car. The whole carbon-fiber monocoque with its aluminum sub-frames is an example of high-quality craftsmanship. The carbon fiber makes the car light and strong at the same time. Overall, the car almost looks like a space saucer which lost its circular border! And when the bonnet and boot open up, they simply enhance that feel. Unlike other sports cars, the boot and bonnet of the Zonda open up from opposite ends. The neatly sloping bonnet has curvaceous mounds by its sides which hold the powerful dual headlamps. It is the 'boot' which contains the engine and there is a large grille to flaunt it. The rear lamps are large, unlike the front ones. The quad-exhaust positioning at the center is unique and enhances the look of power that the car carries.