Palace Hotel Tokyo’s First Evian Spa in Japan
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Palace Hotel Tokyo’s First Evian Spa in Japan

Palace Hotel Tokyo’s First Evian Spa in Japan

Japan's first Evian spa at the Palace Hotel, Tokyo

We have earlier told you about the world's best luxury spas, and the most expensive spa treatments. The latest is the opening of the first Evian spa at the Tokyo based Palace Hotel. In a nation, known exclusively for its gadgets and gizmos, the Palace Hotel is all set to debut with 10 brand new restaurants and 290 rooms. A stunning Moatside setting adds to the overall grandeur of the palace. Hang on! We are not over yet! The Palace Hotel aims to re-define the contours of the Hospitality industry in Japan with its Evian Spa experience. What’s even better, to manage and run the billion dollar property, the authorities have not hired international expertise. Theirs is a Japanese venture in every sense of the word. The swish property, worth $1.2 billion, is located near the Imperial Palace.

The  $1.2 billion property is located near the Imperial Palace

If there is one Tokyo, the Palace Hotel experience, similarly, cannot be matched by any other, says Takashi Kobayashi, the Hotel’s president. So what exactly about the Palace Hotel sets it apart from others? From the Aji Stones adorning their entrance to the linens in guest rooms, or from the general management to the world class services- at Palace Hotel, Tokyo, you can only expect to be flattered and impressed.

Standing atop the Palace’s fifth floor, the Evian spa occupies an area of 1,200 square meters. The Evian spa, Japan’s first, is expected to set new definitions for wellness in Tokyo. With five treatment rooms, separate relaxation rooms for men and women and a magnificent spa suite- it is already being touted as the city’ s most ambitious spa. The gentleman area of the Evian’s Japanese debut will feature a reclining bath, a heated bath, a dry sauna and a cold plunge. The ladies spa area, on the other hand, is slated to include a marble sauna and a heated bath.

Vitalizing signature, a treatment created exclusively keeping Evian Tokyo’s up market customers in mind, will form a vital part of the entire spa program. It starts off with trigger point style Japanese bodywork to accentuate Qi flow throughout. A Deep tissue massage invented by the Swedish follows next. An amazing tension reliever, the Swedish style massage also helps your body to restore its balance naturally.

Evian Resort on the shores of Lac Léman

The spa’s design mirrors, in a rather metaphorical representation, Evian’s journey through the magnificent Alps. The loose stone garden at the reception area, for example, signifies the water’s source. The ceiling of the treatment area has been designed to reflect ripples in a pond. Drawing inspiration from the same, the Spa’s menu, it is being said, will encompass treatments themed, primarily, around mineral enrichment, celestial restoration, renewed vitality and precious nourishment. Buzz is that the Evian Spa will also include products by Anne Semonin and Omnisens.

However, if you thought that the Palace fitness facility began and ended with the Spa, you are wrong. The Hotel offers round the clock fitness facilities to anybody interested. From Life fitness to exercise equipments by Technogym- name it and the Palace Hotel gym has it all. Beyond the multi-purpose gym or the luxurious spa, the place gives fitness freaks another reason to cheer in the form of a super cool swimming pool. Twenty meters long and nearly three lanes wide, the indoor pool is the perfect chill out zone, complete with an outdoor terrace and wall-to-wall windows on one side. So, the next time you are in Japan, you know exactly which place to visit for the most exquisite rejuvenation and relaxation experience, don’t you?

Via: PR/PalaceHotel

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