Palu cuff by John Hardy

Andrea Divirgilio / August 20, 2007

john hardy 98
A trendy bracelet could enhance the beauty of a slender wrist, and if the bracelet happened to be one designed by master silversmith John Hardy, then what more could a person ask for! The bracelet has been designed in the studio of John Hardy, which happens to be situated in the awesome surroundings of Bali. It has been beautifully crafted by men, who mostly are the descendents of artisans, who designed jewelry for the royal courts of Bali.

Palu stands for ‘hammer’ in Bali, so the name itself suggests that the cuff is made by hammering gold. 22k yellow gold is used for making it, which is hammered into a chick cuff, bordering its edges with a chain, made out of pure silver. This bangle swings open from one side to allow one’s wrist to comfortably slide in, and then clasps it safely. It surely stands out for looking rich and at the same time casual, and would never be out of fashion. It could decorate your wrist for $1995!

Via: Luxist

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