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Pamela Anderson Net Worth

Net Worth $ 5 Million
Pamela Anderson
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Born on: 1st Jul 67 Born in: Canada Marital status: Divorced Occupation: Actress, model, producer, author, activist, and former showgirl
Born Pamela Denise Anderson has an estimated net worth of $5 million. A blonde beauty, Pamela Anderson is a very familiar name to the world of showbiz. The bombshell is known for her publicized personal life. She appeared in the movie comic-book actioner Barbwire and got immense fame through the television series Baywatch. The blonde hottie ruled as one of the sex symbols of the mid-'90s. She appeared many times as Playmate on the cover page of the world famous Playboy magazine. Glamour model and showgirl Pamela Anderson has an estimated net worth of $5 million. Each episode of Pamela’s trademarked show Baywatch made $300,000 for this hot blonde. She often appeared on the cover of the world famous men’s mag Playboy. This not only made her definitive sex icon but also gave her a big brand value. Now she is making money through the business of real estate too. She is renting her assets to earn some extra cash. Anderson appeared on Big Boss-4, a reality TV on Sony Entertainment, India. She reportedly charged about 550,000 USD just for staying for 3 days. Pamela’s lifestyle is perfect reflection of her personality. This bombshell lives life with complete passion. Pamela has luxurious rides like Limousine, Maserati Quattroporte, Range Rover (SUV) and Jaguar XK. She lives in style in her big mansion in the Malibu, CA, which is worth about $1.41m. Pamela is very attentive about her dressing sense and spends in grand fashion for her accessories and clothes. She has wardrobe with collection from more than  56 exclusive brands. Pamela has deep love for the animals and  is a strong advocate of the animal rights. She is member of the animal protection organization named PETA. She has appeared in many campaigns where she has put her naked body to good use for gaining attention for some cause. She also took part in the protest against seal hunting in Canada. Anderson helped people affected by AIDS and HIV and became a spokesperson MAC AIDS Fund. In addition from her modeling career, she got the word wide press attention for her ‘town talk’ personal life. Her publicized relationships made the headlines in the magazines for a decade. Anderson married drummer Tommy Lee, after knowing him for only 96 hours in February, 1995. The couple had two sons also. Even today entire world is unable to decide that they still married or professionally divorced because of their on off stands. After her break up with Tom, she has been engaged to Marcus Schenkenberg and to the singer Kid Rock. The leaked honeymoon sex-tape of the Pamela and Tom has broken the all the records of the online views.
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Pamela Anderson Estates and Homes (2)

Malibu home

Malibu home

Update: Baywatch star Pamela Anderson is selling her Malibu home for $7.75 million.

The queen of 'Baywatch' has a fantastic luxury pad located in the Malibu Beach. It is a three bedroom Eco-friendly home created by a group of dedicated designers and architects inspired by her favorite architect Lautner. This celeb's house is available for a rent of $20,000 per week or $75,000 for a month.

Location: The house is located in Malibu, California.

Accommodation: The dining area has a beach style deck table with a teak staircase winding up to the second floor that has all the three bedrooms. The master suite has a marble fireplace and a sophisticated bathroom with a glassed in shower cabin, Finnish sauna and a TV! The house also boasts of computer systems and flat TV screens in the bedrooms, a terrace garden, green egg charcoal barbecue near the pool, delightful orchard and vegetable gardens and a beefed up security system.

Features: The house boasts of a rooftop deck, a sauna, private salt water pool and a hi-tech kitchen which any chef would dream of. This huge 2300 sq.ft house is part of an A-listed gated community nestling right next to gorgeous beaches with picturesque views of the mountains and the ocean. A huge swinging door greets visitors at the entrance leading on to Blond teak floors and iPorts on walls for hi-tech controls. The height of luxury is the ultimate home theater and a baby grand piano for entertainment in the breezy living area. Anderson who is an animal rights activist and a vegan has made the house pet friendly too.

The queen of 'Baywatch' has a fantastic luxury pad located in the Malibu Beach

The queen of 'Baywatch' has a fantastic luxury pad located in the Malibu Beach
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Melbourne home

The Baywatch queen's place

If you are a fan of Pamela Anderson ready to invest $1.6 million, then hurry up and buy this modern and amazing house located in St Kilda West in the outskirts of Melbourne, Australia. It is designed by a young architect Cassandra Fahey who has made some stand out features in this designer house.

Location: The house is located in Melbourne, Australia.

Accommodation: It is not a sprawling home spilling with luxury generally associated with celebs but is actually a modest two bedroom house built on a small 20 x 9 meters site owned by the star herself. The entrance has a huge 9m x 8m glass mural of Pam's face with the lips opening into the double garage. Huge sliding glasses open into the living/dining space, entertainment platform and a glistening pool running along the first floor. This gives a curious blend of the bright outdoors with a secluded living area and a sealed private zone.

Features: The stairs get tinted orange through the perspex and leads to the mezzanine bedroom above. Fiberglass panels on the park side glow with pink patterns. Colors of fleshy pink, azure blue, orange glows and yellow gives a jewel like sparkle to this amazing house.

The conceptual bathroom

The conceptual bathroom

The spacious living hall

The spacious living hall

The study and meeting hall

The study and meeting hall

Swimming pool at the backyard

Swimming pool at the backyard

The cozy bedroom

The cozy bedroom

The dining and pub hall

The dining and pub hall

Melbourne home of Pamela Anderson

Melbourne home of Pamela Anderson
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Pamela Anderson Autos and Cars (3)

Maserati Quattroporte

The luxury car that Pamela drives around in, is the Maserati Quattroporte

The third luxury car that Pamela drives around in, is the Maserati Quattroporte. This high sounding sophisticated name literally translates simply into '4 door' in Italian. But it does maintain a high standard of performance with 4.7L V8 engine with a horsepower of 400 and 339 lb/ft of torque. A six speed automatic transmission that lets the car glide smoothly is another important feature. The Bose audio and multimedia system with touch screen controls gives the Maserati the sophistication it deserves.

Jaguar XK

Pamela Anderson drives Jaguar XK

The Jaguar XK was the basic model that evolved into a series and catapulted the Jaguar's fortunes. Very sleek and elegant, it has a road presence so natural to Jaguars. The engine V8 5.0L produces 385 hp and a torque of 380 lbs/ft. The coupe has a hi-tech rotary knob, which rises into the palm of the driver for improved transmission. The luxurious leather interior with heated seats and the Bowers and Wilkins Audio system keeps it in a class apart. This swanky coupe certainly matches celebs like Pamela Anderson who owns a white Jaguar XK with supple white leather interiors.

Range Rover

Pamela Anderson owns a Range Rover Sport model

Pamela Anderson owns a Range Rover Sport model, one of the most capable all terrain utility vehicles which combines luxury with muscle. The engine is a V8, 4.4L harnessing 300 hp weighing 5468 lbs. A tilt control technology enables it to be driven at a 35 degree angle, and on any kind of surface be it sand, snow, gravel or slush. Owners rarely part with it but Pamela is selling her car on ebay for a noble cause. She has promised to hand over the keys personally to whoever settles for at least $50,000 all of which will go to Sean Penn's Haiti Relief Fund.

Pamela Anderson Holiday Destinations(Getaways) (2)

Mexico vacations

Pamela Anderson was seen holidaying with her ex and two sons Brandon Lee and Dylan Lee in Mexico

Introduction: Even after being officially divorced from her first husband Tommy Lee of ‘Motley Crew’ fame, Pamela Anderson was seen holidaying with her ex and two sons Brandon Lee and Dylan Lee in Mexico. The sexy model was spotted sunbathing at the beach wearing a skimpy white swimsuit. Since Pamela has confessed on a number of occasions to have sexual relationship with her ex husband and were even spotted sharing a passionate good-bye kiss prior to the Hawaiian vacation, serious rumors began waging on the possibility of the couple getting back together after their highly public breakup in 1998.

Location: Mexico, the hotbed of Mayan Culture.

Accommodation: Mexico offers a host of accommodation facilities, fit for every taste and budget from sea side resorts offering privacy to the more populated coastal community resorts. Mexican sea side villages also offer accommodation options ripe for those eager to zero in on the ancient Mexican culture while enjoying their vacations.

Main Attractions: Mexico is one of the famous holiday destinations of the world because it not only offers a linkage to the past culture and civilizations but also has one of the most serene beaches in the world. The beach resorts of Cancun and Riviera Maya in eastern Mexico are the hotbed of beach lovers lying on the edge of the crystalline Caribbean Sea. Cancun especially is a famous night life hub with famous weekend beach parties and a hub of discos in the night that ignite the travelers passion like no place else. On the other hand, Western Mexico is known more for its sleepy small townships offering a perfect getaway from mental and physical relaxation with serene golf courses and world class deep sea fishing offerings in place. Some of the famous resorts in western Mexico include Cabo San Lucas and Puerto Vallarta.

Hawaii Vacations

Pamela on vacations in Hawaii

 Almost 20 years after her stunning debut in the popular series ‘Baywatch’, Pamela Anderson was seen donning a bikini while she holidayed with boyfriend Jon Rose at a beach in Hawaii. Pamela's black two-piece bikini made her the cynosure of all eyes including the Paparazzi as she displayed her perfectly toned stomach and pert bottom with equal aplomb. The bikini also showed a glimpse of her two tattoo’s, the tribal design on her back and the more famous barbed wire design inked on her left arm.

Location: Hawaiian Islands, a cocktail of sun, sand and fun. 

Accommodation: Since Hawaii is a popular destination, there is no dearth of accommodation options across the board for prime as well as budget travelers. Depending on your activity options and choices, there are a host of options including sea side resorts to more isolated honeymoon specific hotels and shacks. Hawaii brings with it the possibility of observing the power and the beauty of nature. Stay in a natural surrounding near a rainforest or a beach is not only an experience worth witnessing but also a memorable one.

Main Attractions: The Hawaiian Islands have long been the hotbed of popular tourist getaways famous for its exquisite beaches and rainforests. Hawaiian Islands with its virgin sand beaches and flowers with adventurous waterfalls and water sports make an ideal holiday destinations for the young and the old alike. Hawaii has also been one of the most pertinent honeymoon destinations in the world.
If you are a nature lover, Hawaii is the place to be but it’s not only about the sand and the gorgeous beaches as Hawaii offers a host of options. The collective islands of Hawaii are filled with dormant and active volcanoes that are as beautiful as they are interesting. Watching the USS Arizona, the world war II flagship can be witnessed in its final resting place from Hawaii while Pacific Ocean offers a host of activity options including Whale and Dolphin watching tours making for a once in a lifetime wildlife adventure.

Pamela Anderson Cause (3)

Aid Still Required

Pamela supports the efforts of Aid Still Required corporation

‘Aid Still Required’ is a non-profit corporation, founded to help the forgotten issues especially the kids and other people fighting isolation after natural disasters and other crises. The world we live in has a very fast paced life and it doesn’t take much time for the world to move on and focus its attention to newer matters. NGO’s like ‘Aid Still required’ does its bit so that old issues do not fizzle out of public memory. Pamela Anderson along with a host of other celebrities has been associated with the organization to support the cause of kids and other men and women in Haiti.

Last Chance for Animals

Pamela supports Last Chance for Animals

Pamela Anderson has always been an animal lover. Her intrinsic nature to care and nurture animals has made her associated with a number of charities helping animals as well as championing the causes for animal rights. Last Chance for Animals or LCA is one such foundation that recognizes animal rights while spreading awareness that animals also experience pain and deserve certain basic rights, protecting them from human violence and injustice.


Pamela Anderson has used her hotness quotient by featuring in various PETA advertisements

Pamela Anderson is not only an advocate for animal rights and their right to lead a peaceful and pain free life, she is a staunch vegetarian and has been working with PETA advocating against killing of animals for human consumption. Pamela Anderson has used her hotness quotient by featuring in various PETA advertisements. Her most famous association with PETA was when she stripped for "I'd Rather Go Naked Than Wear Fur" campaign while posing naked with a host of fellow protesters on a window display of a popular boutique in London, England. Pamela also released a letter in support of PETA's campaign against Kentucky Fried Chicken while boycotting the Kentucky Derby because of its association with Kentucky Fried Chicken. Apart from being actively involved in promotional activity and advertisements advocating animal rights and other PETA causes, Pamela Anderson also held an estate sale with proceeding for PETA. She also adopted a homeless dog while on her recent visit to India in an attempt to spread awareness and love for animals.

Pamela Anderson Pets (1)

Pamela Anderson was extremely fond of her 17-year-old golden retriever pup named Superstar Bar

Pamela Anderson was extremely fond of her 17-year-old golden retriever pup named Superstar Bar "Star," who died on March 18 2007. Having buried him with tears in the eyes, she got herself a new Golden Retriever, JoJo just 11 days later. The bonding between woman and dog seems magical.

Pamela Anderson Brands (4)

J Brand Jeans

The 'J brand jeans' is a hot favorite amongst the celebs ever since its launch in 2005 and is also Pamela Anderson's hot pick

The 'J brand jeans' is a hot favorite amongst the celebs ever since its launch in 2005 and is also Pamela Anderson's hot pick. She goes for the low-rise pencil leg jeans. Other celebs preferring it are Angelina Jolie, Beyonce, Kate Bosworth and Vogue's editor Anna Wintour.

BlackBerry Curve

Pamela has been spotted several times calling from her BlackBerry Curve

Want to know which mobile phone attracts Pamela? It is the 8300 series, Blackberry Curve smartphone which has email, fax, internet, messaging and wifi services and is generally owned by an exclusive VIP club.

Louis Vuitton Apparence Sunglasses

Pamela Anderson looks cool in Louis Vuitton Apparence Sunglasses

Pamela Anderson looks cool in Louis Vuitton Apparence Sunglasses. The sunglasses frame is transparent and hand polished bearing the Louis Vuitton signature on the sides. Made in France, this fashion company also deals in other items like shoes and leather apparels apart from sunglasses.

Yves Saint Laurent Tote

Pamela looks chic and snazzy toting this large beige YSL bag

Pamela looks chic and snazzy toting this large beige YSL bag. This carry-all bag has a front deep pocket with side expanding zips and buckles, and trimmings in a shade of gold. The tote bag is 14" deep with 20" straps and an inner pocket with a zipper.

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