Pamper yourself with ‘the world’s most expensive bath’

Andrea Divirgilio / January 21, 2010

worlds most expensive bath 1

The world’s most expensive bath” claims to melt away your stress as you “soak in a mosaic of senses from all corners of the world.” Dubbed the Eighth Continent, this spa experience is a unique collection of purest waters and rarest indigenous ingredients revered for thousands of years and harvested from the most remote regions of the world. “The World’s Most Expensive Bath” is a made-to-order bath treatment that offers you to have the experience created by ME! Bath® in your own home or in a spa environment. This artisan-crafted secret recipe is inspired by the ancient Indian healing art of Ayurveda, ancient Roman treatment of skin problems and from the ancient Chinese gold massage technique. Starting at $50,000, the eight-week package is delivered in a beautifully handcrafted Sterling Silver masterpiece designed by the finest silver craftsmen from Israel. A large portion of the proceeds from each sale of The Eighth Continent is donated to a selected charity that helps to provide clean water to disadvantaged third world countries.

Via: Neatorama

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