Panasonic’s 145-Inch 8K Resolution Plasma TV debuts
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Panasonic’s 145-Inch 8K Resolution Plasma TV debuts

Panasonic’s 145-Inch 8K Resolution Plasma TV debuts

Panasonic, which had earlier amazed us with its 152-inch plasma HDTV, has now announced its collaboration with the Japanese broadcaster NHK to produce a behemoth 145-inch prototype plasma display with 8K (7,680 x 4320 pixels) treating acne cost of zoloft vs generic zoloft medication cost order Sertraline resolution. Described to be the world’s first Super Hi-Vision TV, this super-sized prototype does not even require a back-light to light-up the entertainment content. With an aim to attain a uniform picture quality, both Panasonic and NHK have devised a new drive method which vertically scans the pixels, eliminating the massive sized plasma’s tendency to flicker at higher-resolutions.

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Panasonic's 145-Inch 8K Resolution Plasma TV

To take the full advantage of the super-high 8K resolution, there’s no video content available. Even Hollywood is still looking forward to upgrade from standard HD resolution of 1080p and 2K to 4K resolutions. However, at this page we offer simple process of buying fluoxetine online with no prescription needed. your can buy fluoxetine and get fluoxetine next day to your door via  broadcaster NHK has been experimenting with the 8K image sensor, which can natively deliver output to their new prototype plasma TV.

Reportedly, NHK has also been working on the Super hi-Vision technology for many years, and both Panasonic and NHK developed this massive 145-inch TV to levonorgestrel price promote the technical research and advancement of super Hi-Vision technology. In addition, both the companies also have plans to cover the upcoming London Olympics in the new super hi-definition mode.

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As per the specs, the new prototype measures 1.8m x 3.2m or 145-inches with xenical to buy online the frame rate at 60 FPS. Further, the pixel pitch is 0.417mm horizontal with 0.417 mm vertical, and the phosphor array is a RGB vertical stripe along with 16:9 of aspect ratio.

The duo has plans to demo their new technology in Japan, U.S. and Britain, showcasing video content and images shot with the NHK 120 FPS 8K buy medications at special internet prices ! fast & free your next order! the best choice to buy baclofen online! cheap baclofen with cash on delivery sensor.

Via: TheVerge

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