Panasonic’s new massage chair is like having a personal masseuse at your service

Andrea Divirgilio / June 24, 2011

Panasonic Ultra luxury massage chair

We have seen a range of luxurious massage chairs combined with variety of features. While Panasonic has come out with many massage chairs including a Real Pro Massage chair that delivers a soothing quality massage, once again the company has launched a massage chair but with a set of completely different features this time.

If you want to unwind after an exhausting day at work, then Panasonic’s latest model EP-MA70 Real Pro Ultra luxury massage chair claims to provide you with a soothing experience.The chair promises an experience very close to one attained in a real massage parlor that has rollers which replicate professional hot stone therapy.

The chair features the ability to reach up to 108 degrees that increases the blood flow and reduce strain and anxiety. This technically sound chair has a 3D massage mechanism & air massage technology. It also has a distinct feature of creating a ‘map’ of the owner’s body, in terms of height, weight, dimensions tomassage accordingly.

The chair is capable of delivering including shoulder massage, hand and arm massage, thigh and hip massage and finally calf and foot massage. There is an airbag around the waist and thighs that unwind lower back hence provide a parlor like massage. The chair has ample pre-set programs (Shiatsu, Lower Back, Deep, etc) and some manual programs like Rolling, Swedish, Kneading etc.

With the adjustable headrest and armrests, the chair also has an extendable ottoman and is made of extremely comfortable theater seats. The company provides two seating options Onyx Black or Almond high-quality faux leather and is only available at the authorized dealers. Choosing to buy this high-end luxury item would cost you $7,999.99.

Via He Magazine/ Panasonic

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