Panasonic’s Relax Chair yasumi lulls you softly to sleep

Andrea Divirgilio / September 7, 2010

panasonic relax chair yasumi

If you want to relax after a tiring day at work, the Relax Chair Yasumi seems to be a great option. Panasonic’s new self-rocking Relax Chair yasumi promises to transport you into a world of well-being and make you feel completely relaxed at anytime. Its gentle rocking movements and the soothing music is good enough to rock you softly to sleep. The Relax Chair yasumi is great for power napping too. Start the Refresh program on the chair and after 20 minutes, you are all ready to face the second half of your busy day. The program first reduces the oscillation interval and slows down the music for a relaxing power nap. After 15 minutes, the rocking movement and the music intensity starts increasing to wake you up.

On the other hand, the chair’s Comfort Program lasts for two hours, and you can watch movies, read a book or simply relax with the chair’s rhythmic oscillations. The Relax Chair yasumi comes with a bass system you can modulate, subwoofers in the backrest and an external audio input.

You can control the ergonomically designed chair’s functions with the included remote control. The Relax Chair yasumi is available in black and white.

Via: TrendHunter

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