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Panther 6

Panther 6

The Panther 6 was an overgenerous six-wheel nice looking convertible which came powered by a strategically mid-mounted 8.2 L Cadillac V8 engine featuring twin turbochargers. The car was produced by the company Panther in 1977. Only and only two cars were ever nicely made, one was white, and one black, both of which are still existing today. One of them is placed in the Middle East, while the other was revealed at the 2008 esteemed NEC Classic Car Show run by the Panther Car Club. The Panther 6 was shown to the world at the esteemed 1977 Motor fair show which was organized in the U.K. The car was designed and nicely built in complete and absolute secrecy by the skilled Panther founder Robert Jankel. Robert assembled the car in his garage with a knowledgeable and elite group of trusted engineers, technicians and mechanics. The car was a complete amazing show stopper at the time of its launch.


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The interior was a bundle of technology and equipments as major incorporated devices included various electronic instruments, an air conditioning device, an automatic fire extinguisher, electric powered seats and windows, a television set in dash and a telephone. The car looked hideous, fascinating, and absolute stunning from the inside. In addition to its stupendous power, the car had a music system for maximized entertainment which could play a variety of formats. It also came with a host of other useful luxury gizmos.


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The car’s six wheel configuration was truly inspired by the eminent Tyrrell P34. The fixed layout comprised of one exotic pair of rear wheels having 265/50 VR16 solid tires and another two pairs of easily steerable front wheels having the 205/40 VR13 tires. The common specification included an easily detachable hard top and option for convertible soft top. The exterior of the car was nicely polished and had a stiff amount of glamour linked to it. The windows and doors were stylish and chic.

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