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Paradigm’s new Signature Series In-ceiling speakers

Andrea Divirgilio / October 15, 2007

paradigm in cieling speakers 1
We were just looking at the beautifully crafted Symphony S210 speakers and now, we have two new eye-catching in-ceiling models from Paradigm. As they fall in the company’s Signature Series, we can certainly expect them to throw out some high-quality sound. Dubbed, SIG-1.5R and SIG1.5R-30, both the models use technology we find in the latest freestanding Signature models thereby boosting up the in-ceiling sound. Both the units come with P-Be Pure-Beryllium domes and Co-PAL Cobalt-Infused Anodized Pure-Aluminum cones that add to the speakers’ rigidity. Last but not the lease, paradigm has used its Guided Soundfield system to help these models focus the sound on a particular area and reduce bumpy sound dispersion in the room. Once they are on, you will feel like you are sitting next to floorstanding speakers. The speakers cost $1,200 a pair for the SIG-1.5R and $700 each for SIG-1.5R-30.

via ElectronicHouse

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