Parasound’s Linux-powered CD player for foolproof soundtrack

Andrea Divirgilio / March 27, 2013

Though most of the world is still going gaga over how flexible and easy-to-use systems the Apple, Android, or Windows are, but the virtual custodians of the open source movement, Linux seems to always play the underdog to perfection. Some of their devices have been the technocrats favorite like the world’s first precision guided firearm, or the Electrolux I-Kitchen refrigerator. Now Parasound has introduced a CD player which uses the base of this operating system for offer a combination of technology and precise sound output to please the techno-audio geeks. This Linux powered standalone CD player, banks majorly on the precision of the sound output, due to the fact that the CD placed within moves at speeds 4 times higher than normal, thus reading each piece of data multiple times over so that the final output isnt compromised upon.

Parasound CD1 Linux based player

Breaking up the crux of the technology, we found that that CD1, as it is called, is actually powered with a 30 second RAM, in which the audio data is read over a few times and stored before channelizing it into the output panel. In this entire process, precision and high quality reproduction remains the strong point of the device. Alongside this, users get the options of choosing between op-amp or discreet analog signals 44.1 Khz Data from CD pushed to a 352.8 Khz output by the 8x interpolator. Then comes the Ultra-quiet National Semiconductor LME49990 audio op-amps, 0 or 180 degrees absolute polarity selection by remote control which also supports the full functionality of the device.

Parasound CD1 Linux based player

For the vital number based specifications, there is a wide frequency response between 20Hz to 20Khz, S/N Ratio of > 108 dB, IHF A-weighted, Maximum output level balance of 4 volts, and output balanced impedance of 200 Ohms. For all the techy make up, one has to to shell out $4,500 a piece for these. Compared to some of the higher ones, this fits like a perfect accessory for the techno oriented audio lovers.

Via: Gizmodo/ Parasound

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