Paris Hilton unveils her pet mansion on Twitter

Andrea Divirgilio / June 10, 2009

paris hiton
The Hilton heiress is yet again in news for her ostentatious spending habits, but this time it’s not about her, but the luxurious lifestyle she has provided for her 17 pets. Paris Hilton has reportedly twittered pictures of her “Mini Doggie Mansion,” which is a miniature version of her own Beverly Hills mansion. The luxurious kennel comes complete with air conditioning, chandeliers, an ornate staircase, doggie wardrobe and miniature versions of her own furniture in a two-story construction overlooking her pool. “I have to admit, I may have spoiled them a little too much,” Paris confessed on her twitter page. “But how can I not? Just look at those sweet lil’ faces, they deserve to be treated like my lil’ prince and princesses :) I love my babies.”

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Though Paris is being dubbed ludicrous for showering her affection on her pets like this, she is not the only one going to extremes to treat her pets in a royal manner. Remember, we have earlier told you about a Great Dane owner who has recently splurged a staggering approx. $382,213 for a doghouse complete with spa and plasma TV for his pampered poochies in his estate near Cirencester in Gloucestershire. And the elite pet havens also don’t come cheap with a price tag ranging from $50,000 to $200,000 and even upwards – come on guys – rich folks do everything extraordinary. At least she is not mistreating her pets like she did to her cat Prada, who was seized by the Animal Rescue Center after this American socialite apparently left her at the vet’s for two weeks – right?

Via: CelebrityFix

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