Patio Umbrella with Solar Panels lets you charge your USB gadgets

Andrea Divirgilio / April 5, 2013

The luxury outdoors is no longer all about the hi-tech BBQ grill and weatherproof furniture, every element in the patio has been re-imagined to make your backyard your private luxury oasis. From hi-tech heaters to patio umbrella, its only getting better to suit our modern lifestyle. We have earlier seen the Cantilever umbrella that rotates up to 360° to follow the sun and Mocha Solar-lighted umbrella that include solar charging capabilities. Now Hammacher is also selling a USB charging patio umbrella for $500 each, which will help power your mobile and hand held devices, purely from what it derives from the skies.

Patio Umbrella with solar panel

This patio umbrella has been fitted with 3.7-volt 1000 mAh battery, that’s constantly getting charged for back up power via the solar exposure outside, and thus acts a store for electricity which can be used later for charging. Under normal conditions, the solar panel located on the top of the umbrella, helps convert solar energy into electricity, which can then be transferred to the battery of the various devices via the USB port, located on the lower end of the aluminum umbrella pole. The umbrella is around 9-feet in diameter, and the fabrication is well capable of diverting the harmful UV rays elsewhere, with upto 98% protection. The UPF rating is known to be 50+, which incidentally is the highest possible UV protection rating currently used.

Patio Umbrella with solar panel

Just in case, one would like to wrap up the outside sitting and take things inside the home, the umbrella can be closed easily with a hand crank which is as smooth as one gets them on such umbrellas. The powder coated finishing on the pole gives it a decent weather resistance and a firm grip as well. In short, its all about being nature conscious and tech savvy which is the new lifestyle we see in the top 12 solar innovations, much of which features gadgets such as these.

Patio Umbrella with solar panel

Via: Hammacher / Gizmodo

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