Patricia Kaas | $ 250 Million
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Patricia Kaas

Singer and Actress

Net Worth $ 250 Million
Patricia Kaas
  • Birthday5th Dec, 66
  • Birth PlaceFrance
  • Marital statusSingle
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Shot to fame with her debut album 'Mademoiselle Chante' 1988, Patricia Kaas is a French singer and an actress known for her sober yet elegant and sophisticated style of dressing. Her simple, comfortable and 'agreeing to the occassion' wardrobe has always made her presence felt and made her stand distinguished. Be it a fashion week or any red carpet function, Patricia has never forgotten to create a style statement, appreciated by millions of her fans and more importantly the fashion critics. HEIGHT: 5'6'' WEIGHT: 140 pounds


  • When you lose your mother at 20 and then your father soon after, melancholia is part of your life.
  • People tried to make me something that I wasn't at the beginning of my career.
  • Sometimes, I wake up and the skies are grey and everything's horrible.
  • I always doubted myself. I doubted the way I looked, my body, my voice - everything.

Did you know?

  • She has sold over 16 million records worldwide with her greatest success in Germany, Switzerland, Belgium, Canada, Russia, Finland, Ukraine, and Korea with her third album Je te dis vous.
  • epresented France in the Eurovision Song Contest 2009 in Moscow, Russia finishing 8th place.
  • Her song Mademoiselle chante le blues (Eng: Lady sings the blues) was her first big hit which reached 7th place in the French singles chart.
  • Her first album Mademoiselle chante reached 2nd place in the French album charts and stayed there for two months.
  • Her autobiography “LOmbre de ma Voix” (The Shadow of My Voice) was published in March by Flammarion has already been translated into more than 6 languages.

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Patricia Kaas Brands (3)

The 'Karl Legarfeld' dress

The 'Karl Legarfeld' dress

Patricia Kaas walked the red carpet for the 2012 NRJ awards, in Cannes, France in the 'Karl Legarfeld' dress. The Tom-boy apparel adds to the decency but for a red carpet can be considered to be a little 'not agreeing'.

Woman In Black

Woman In Black

The classy black looks extremely beautiful on her. It was worn by her during the Eurovision song contest in Moscow, Russia (2009). The dress added grace to her looks.

The 'Wild Cat' Dress

The 'Wild Cat' Dress

Kaas seems to have 'tamed' the wild cat pretty well as the 'cat striped' dress gives her an elegant looks. She wore it during the Lavin 'Ready-to-wear' fall winter 2012 show as a part of Paris Fashion Week at Halle Freyssinet on March 2, 2012 in Paris, France. The 'Gladiator-inspired' strappy sandals goes perfectly well with the dress.

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