Paul Budnitz titanium bicycle is a high-end street bike
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Paul Budnitz titanium bicycle is a high-end street bike

Paul Budnitz titanium bicycle is a high-end street bike

Paul Budnitz titanium bicycle is a high-end street bike

Bicycle manufacturer Paul Budnitz is known for his cool designs. The designer is now back with a high-end titanium bicycle, as with the span of time, people have understood the pedal power and have switched to eco friendly bicycles to cover short distances and stay fit.

The designer was disappointed with the offerings of the commuter market, and thus realized the need of a light weight, elegant piece for a design-conscious rider. Made of titanium, the light weight bike has sinuous lines and superior components that have been designed for both, great looks and comfort.

The frame is built by one of the top American frame builders known as Lynskey Performance. The company has made the titanium frame piece by piece right from the stem and bars to the frame and fork. The bicycle is far better than the traditional one as the cantilever frame sucks more shocks than customary frames, and titanium won't rust or corrode ever. The bike is also free from the assembling problems as it is assembled in Colorado and is fitted perfectly so that the rider do not face even the minutest problems like the dislocation of the chain. The designer has designed two different bicycles for different riders.

The first one unbelievably weighs less than 3.3 pounds, thus has a sleek and elegant look. The look is defined by a split top tube elegantly forming a continuous arc by integrating into the seat stays. The cycle designer took the cycle for cruising to a black-tie event in Amsterdam.

The second cycle is also lightweight, but is designed for more fun and relaxed ride as it is created for short distances. This bike is more suitable for adults as the tires are fatter and the rare wheel is smaller than the front wheel. The geometric shape frame makes the ride even smoother than the no.1 model and is available in different size tires.

The designer states;

“Most high-end bicycle parts are actually pretty ugly. I was inspired by classic Aston Martins and '80s-era Maseratis".

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Via: Cool Hunting/Budnitz Bicycles

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