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Paul Cezanne’s Les Pommes painting fetched the highest price in the Sotheby’s spring sale at $41.6 Million

Andrea Divirgilio / May 9, 2013

Artist Paul Cezanne whose masterpiece, the ‘Card Player’ painting managed to fetch nearly $20 million, had recently one of his other works, Les Pommes fetch $41.6 million at the Spring sale by Sotheby’s. The master impressionist painter has depicted a few apples put together in this famous painting, which was earlier estimated to bring in between $25 million and $35 million. The auction took place in New York, where Impressionist and Modern Art Evening Sale event was undertaken by Sotheby’s, whereby other masterpieces such as the Modilgliani portrait also fetched top dollar with a $26 million winning bid. However, Cezanne’s work was known to command the highest bid at this event.

Les Pommes by Paul Cezanne was known to have been made during 1888-90

What has actually made this painting a noted sale, is that Sotheby’s specialists had predicted that the post-war modern work were gaining more firm ground compared to Impressionist masterpiece such as the Les Pommes. As the Co-Chairman of the auction house division for Impressionist and Modern Art, David Norman remarked, the market has not fully moved into the modern art era yet but has shown renewed interest in recent. It is perhaps that reason, which has pushed rare works in the genre to higher price brackets at auction events.

Amedeo Modigliani's L'Amazone also fetched $26 million at the auction

Amongst the many known exhibits of the ‘Les Pommes’ painting, some noted ones include the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York in 1957 and several times after, apart from Osterreichische Galarie in Vienna in 1961, and Bronx Museum of the Arts in 1972. This painting was known to have been made during 1888-90, when Cezanne’s affinity for everyday objects was seen as a source of inspiration during the earlier half of his artistic career. Many regard this piece of art-work to be one of the pinnacles of his work from life-stills, which gave him most of his fame.

Via: Yahoo News/ Gallerist NY

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