Paul Jr. designs a customized Chopper motorcycle with biometric system

Andrea Divirgilio / August 26, 2011

Paul Jr. Designs biometric bike

Just like the other automobile lovers, bikers take to customizations with a rather serious perspective, and go to great lengths to customize it to their needs. To target this group, companies like Cadillac have made custom bikes such as the CTS-V coupe chopper, which took the whole car’s design to a 2-wheeler format. The brainchild of such a design came from Paul Teutul Jr. who is known for his expertise in the area. Now, TV show ‘American Choppers’ will showcase his latest creation, the biometric bike, which shall include a revolutionary system of starting by owner’s handprint alone, bringing in a new concept of security in motorbikes.

Paul Teutul Jr is a part of the Teutel family which is involved in making designer chopper bikes, but remains in the news for the disputes they have within the members. Hopefully this time, he shall have the media on himself for the right reasons, as the product he has designed is indeed of the revolutionary kinds. A common issue exists with most bikers, regarding the security of their choppers. With the new bio-metric technology, the bike shall only start if the owner or a select group of 100 users use their hand to start the engine electrically by placing their palm on the touch screen, which shall authenticate the rider to use the chopper. Without this, there will be no electricity flow in the motorcycle, thus disabling the unauthenticated user from using it. The advantage of this technology is that it can be used for a variety of other automobiles which include high-end cars, to prevent them from being stolen or unauthorized usage.

Other than the use of this technology, the bike is a masterpiece unto itself, which is the case with Paul Teutel designs. The craftsmanship and look of the body convey it all. This means that along with a high-security bike, you have something which gives you a pleasant ride as well. For now, let’s just hope they make a few more of these mean machines for us to see!

Via: Carshow US

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