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Paul McCartney’s Liverpool’s home front door is one of the weirdest celebrity memorabilia to auction

Andrea Divirgilio / April 10, 2013

One thing about being a celebrity, especially if you are of the stature of Sir Paul McCartney is, even the weirdest piece of memorabilia related to becomes a collectible, and that too a highly cherished one. When we go over the top 5 bizarre celebrity auctions, it becomes clear as to what extent fans and collectors go to have their favorite stars close to them. But then there are some more conventional memorabilia which have been doing the auction rounds, such as the Beatles signed Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Heart’s Club cover, rejected Beatles tape which too underwent a similar route at auctions. Now, Sir Paul McCartney’s fans can hope to collect a memorable part of his childhood, by bidding for the old yellow door to his childhood home in Forthlin Road in Liverpool, UK is up for grabs, with estimates putting the price at $7,662 (£ 5,000). But considering the hype around the Beatles, and the Popularity of Sir McCartney, the final prices could spiral several times higher, as per Dominic Winters Auctions who are in charge of the sale.

Sir Paul McCartney and the Liverpool home door, where he lived between 1955 and 1964

The special address, 20 Forthlin Road in Allerton, Liverpool, is where Sir Paul McCartney lived from 1955 to 1964, during which he also wrote some of the Beatles songs there. When he and his family left the place in 1964, it was taken over by Sheila Jones who used to give guided tours of the place.

Sir Paul McCartney and the Liverpool home door, estimated to bring $7,662 at the auction

Then during the 1970′s there were several renovations carried out in the place, but one of the Beatles’s fans, Glen South from the Gee South supporting band of the Beatles, managed to keep the door with himself. He had once put it up for auction, but bought it back and has reportedly kept it behind one of his sofas till date. Now that he wants to clear out a lot of things in his house, he has decided to put the door for auction. On April 10 this year, this door will be in the hands of a new owner.

Sir Paul McCartney and the Liverpool home door, which is possession of Glen South

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