Paul Sr designs custom gold chopper for Donald Trump
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Paul Sr designs custom gold chopper for Donald Trump

Paul Sr designs custom gold chopper for Donald Trump

Donald Trump’s love for gold and flashy items has been pretty evident from his luxury jet that boasts gold interiors, and this time Paul Teutal Sr. did the same by presenting him the new, long, loud and very gold custom chopper. Built with 24 carat gold and exclusive custom parts, the general styling of this bike is spectacular; and Paul Senior has even branded the chopper with Trump’s name, making it more exclusive, and one of the most recognizable choppers in the world. The American real estate tycoon Donald Trump got wowed by what he likes, a ‘100% American made’ Orange County Choppers custom built motorcycle presented by Paul Teutal Sr. on “American Chopper: Senior vs. Junior” special episode aired on Discovery channel.

Donald Trump and Senior with the custom chopper

As Senior rode in the bike on the red carpet in the Trump Tower, there was a rousing applause. Proud of their work, Orange County choppers guys were very excited to present the custom chopper to the dynamic billionaire Donald Trump. As they say, “It’s one of the best pieces that we’ve done at Orange County Choppers”.

Fantastic looking custom chopper

Orange County Choppers team took their design and fabrication time to give bike intricate details, making it look fantastic looking and better than even Donald Trump thought.

Branded with Trump’s name

Legendary Senior is not only friend to Donald Trump, but he also made Trump a fan of his work. Earlier Trump and Senior had even discussed the custom design of this chopper at the Trump Towers. Senior is also one of the contestants on the current season of ‘The Celebrity Apprentice’, and it’s been reported that Trump has given his friend Senior some tough-love advice about the ongoing feud between both Senior and his son, Paulie Junior.

The new, long, loud and very gold custom chopper

Custom chopper at the Red carpet

Via: Discovery

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