PC of the Swim-Rings : Amphibious PC for the swimmers

Andrea Divirgilio / June 19, 2008

amphibious pc duNmj 48What say about a hot PC experience inside your swimming pool? Check out the ‘PC of the Swim-Rings,’ a concept shown at the Next-gen PC Design Competition. Swimmers can enjoy movies, games, music, and net surfing right in the middle of the waters. The innovative yet possible technology has been used for this amphibious PC, including GPRS receiver, Bluetooth wireless solutions, finger-touch input, solar power driven processor, water-cooling system, magnetic charging interface and water-proof design. In case, you are crossing some huge ocean, the GPRS helps show you the right direction. The amphibious PC can also be used as a desktop at home. It’s back light keyboard design is for night use. Other salient specs include a web camera, 7-inch LCD display, and a stereo speaker set. No idea if it would ever go into production, but the concept does look inviting and yes, possible too.

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