Peter Aloisson names his $176,400 iPhone the Princess Plus

Andrea Divirgilio / March 18, 2008

princess plus 1

Austrian designer and jeweler Peter Aloisson has a knack for going OTT with almost everything he designs. So, when he decided to customize an iPhone, we really had to get our skigoggs out to not be blinded by all the bling. Just like we anticipated, the custom iPhone, called Princess Plus, arrived with nearly half of its 318 diamonds in the bedazzling square princess cut while the total weight of the stones came down to 17.75. What really pushed the phone over the 120,000 euros mark was an 18K white gold lining around the edge of the phone. But, if you think spending $176,400 on an iPhone is too much of a squander, then you might be interested in getting one with only round cut diamond for a paltry sum of $66,150 only. In case, the price tag is bit too much for you, Alexander Amosu has the $41,000 diamond iPhone for you.

princess plus 2princess plus 3

via Crave / Zamazing

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