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Peter Buck Net Worth

United States
Net Worth $ 50 Million
Talented artist
Peter Buck
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Born on: 6th Dec 56 Born in: United States Marital status: Divorced Occupation: Entertainment
Born Peter Buck has an estimated net worth of $50 million. One of the most influential guitarists, co-founder of the eminent American Rock band “R.E.M”, Peter Buck was born in California. Peter’s chiming guitar riffs delivered top ten hits making him a household name for the music listening community and enabling the band gain international popularity. Also known for his encyclopedic knowledge of music, the eminent musician features a simple yet distinctive style of playing guitar and excels in college rock, jangle pop and alternative rock. Born as "Peter Lawrence Buck" in Berkley, the eminent guitarist spent his time in Los Angeles and San Francisco before moving to Athens, Georgia, where he met Mike Mills, Bill Berry and Michael Stipe, the future members of his band. To get the maximum out of the hot nightlife and music scene in Athens, the group decided to form the rock band R.E.M which made a huge splash in the college radio circuit. Later on the talented guitarist produced many bands which include “Hindu Love Gods”, “Uncle Tupelo”, “The Fleshstones”, “The Feelies” and “Charlie Pickett” delivering path breaking musical acts. Peter’s truly unique guitar playing style is reflected from his wide use of open strings while chording to produce memorable pop melodies. The guitar perfectionist has also used a variety of other instruments including Guitar, Mandolin, banjo, electric sitar and drums for the development of band.The eminent guitarist is quite fond of his own work which is evident from his extensive personal record collection, estimated to be around the 25,000 mark. At the personal front, the 55 year old divorced musician is the father of twin girls.
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Peter Buck Estates and Homes (1)

Seattle home

Seattle home

The eminent guitarist owns a plush home in Seattle, which is one of his pricey assets, with estimated price in millions.

Location: The guitarist’s lavish home is located in Seattle, Washington, USA.

Accommodation: Peter’s beautiful home is enveloped by a thick layer of vegetation with road on one side. The home’s exteriors are simple yet attractive while the interiors are fully furnished offering a comfy accommodation for the rich and eminent.

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