Peter Nygard

Net Worth :$ 800 Million
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Born on: 1st Jan 70
Born in: Canada
Marital status:
Occupation: Nygard International

Peter J. Nygard is the 70th richest Canadian, a fashion executive of Finland-Swedish origin. He is the chairman of Nygard International of Canada, a company that makes women's wear. 

Peter Nygard Islands ( 1 )


Nygard Cay

owned by
Peter Nygard
Peter Nygard

Oprah hosted her show in Nassau showcasing some of the most beautiful homes in the Bahamas & said, “After seeing Nygard Cay, I am not living large enough.” 


Location: Nygard Cay is one of the most popular and unique private residences throughout the world.  Bought in 1987, Peter Nygard has poured his creativity to build this 5 acre luxurious piece of jewel. The island lies at the end of Lyford Cay on the island of Nassau, New Providencia.


Accommodation: This spectacular island provides its guests with 10 bedrooms with 2 pools and two additional staterooms on its own 82-ft yacht. Other luxuries include a tennis court, 5 jacuzzi, 2 volleyball courts, a 24 seat movie theater and a fishing vessel. The private luxury resort includes replicas of Mayan Temples and 20+ themed cabanas, which Peter has designed for himself, his family & many celebrity guests who wish to get away for a serene sabbatical.  Robin Leach of Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous calls Nygard Cay "the most unusual villa rental in the world!" 


The 15,000 square foot compound was partly destroyed by a fire in 2009. However, there is no need to panic as Peter announced in 2010 that he was going to undertake $50 million renovation at the place. By now the island would have end up looking better than ever before.


How to get there: Peter Nygard provides his guests the luxurious experience of travelling in his own private Boeing 727, which is available round the clock to pick them from anywhere in the world and land them at Nassau International Airport. His hummer makes up for the leftover journey to Nygard cay.


Rentals: This 5 acres dreamland has played host to celebrities like Sean Connery, Oprah Winfrey, Robert DeNiro and former President George H.W. Bush. However anyone can experience this amazing confluence of Mayan Civilization with a sports addict's thrill, for a weekly rental of $30,000 to $40,000. Including the two staterooms aboard the island's yacht, the island has a capacity of 24 people

Rather unusual villa

Robin Leach of Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous calls Bahamas Luxury Nygard Cay "the most unusual villa rental in the world!"

Night view

Night life is as lively as the daytime

Spectacular forms of architecture

Another glimpse of Mayan architecture

Private yacht

The 82 ft private yacht of the island

Mayan architecture

The Cay is inspired by the Mayan civilian which had some of the finest architecture throughout the history of the world.
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