PG Bracelets are a perfect way to mark Italy’s 150th anniversary
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PG Bracelets are a perfect way to mark Italy’s 150th anniversary

PG Bracelets are a perfect way to mark Italy’s 150th anniversary

PG Bracelets perfect way to mark Italy’s 150th anniversary

Everyone does not have a taste for royal jewelry as those can only be worn on a particular occasion. People today look for some pieces that can be worn casually with cool looks at the same time. Bracelet is one piece of jewelry that looks elegant on anyone, hence young people generally prefer wearing them. We have covered many bracelets earlier while some trendy and some high tech like The “Revolve” that displays time or the diamond bracelet that belonged to Wallis Spencer and buy Lithium online many more.

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Paola Garofalo, an Italian jewelry designer has launched line bright and colorful charm bracelets and named these as PG Bracelets that were fashioned at the Milan Fashion Week. The bracelets were launched to commemorate 150th anniversary of the fashion hub Italy. Each bracelet is full of colors and is meant to embrace a special mood or sentiment. The collection is basically inspired by the four elements of nature and hence displays four basic colors: aquatic blue, earthy green, fiery red and sky blue. These multicolored textile magnetism bracelets have been inscribed by the designer’s initials and inspired by her world tour, especially for women.

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The beautiful and trendy bracelets buy Sildenafil Citrate are available in the stores in Italy along with online shops in different languages. The trendy designs also show some hints of Italian flag as it is a marking the 150th anniversary of the unification of the Republic of Italy.

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My designs are a combination of playful and spiritual because I do not believe cheap Prozac the two are mutually exclusive. The colors mean so much to me and each bracelet reminds me of a different place, smell, emotion… They are most definitely inspired by nature and the elements. The bracelets look great stacked and are easy to change with your mood.

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