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Net Worth $ 5 Million
Phil Robertson
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Born on: 24th Apr 46 Born in: United States Marital status: Married Occupation: Duck Commander
Phil Robertson has been a hunting enthusiast all his life. This is primarily the reason why he gave up being a football quarterback superstar at the Louisiana Tech. He couldn't find himself doing something else because he really wanted to hunt. This former educator and now successful businessman/TV personality Phil Robertson has $5 million net worth and it began with the operation of a huge hunting accessory company which started at the comforts of his home. Later on, it was known as the Duck Commander. Things started to change with the airing of Duck Dynasty. The TV show made their family even more known. In 1973, Robertson invented the Duck Commander Duck Call and it became the gold standard duck whistle among the professional hunters. Now that’s a huge achievement for this patriarch. He was introduced to hunting early on in his life as money was scarce then. Robertson did try a different career being an educator since he has a Bachelor’s Degree in Physical Education as well as a Master’s Degree in Education. He still felt incomplete and wanted to back to the woods and hunt. This passion made drove him to make it a multi-million dollar livelihood. Commercial fishing helped the family a lot since he Duck Commander Company wasn’t going anywhere. The important thing is that they have food on the table. Today, the business is located at the Ouachita River. Their home is now surrounded with warehouses and offices that the sons and wives are working for at one point or another. It’s really amazing how a home-based business turned into a huge company which caters to the needs of hunting enthusiasts in all 50 states and abroad. The Duckmen vidoes are another breakthrough in their business because it allows people to learn techniques on how to hunt ducks. Unshaken by the hardship this father has experienced, he has shown the world that if you want to be successful in life, you’d have to work hard for it.
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Duck Hunting

Duck hunting has been a part of Phil Robertson's life early on. Money was scare then and this patriarch had to hunt for fish and ducks so that his family can eat. Add to that, they also sell these in the market for them to have additional income too.

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