Philip Crangi designs AK 47s earrings for Fonderie 47

Andrea Divirgilio / December 7, 2011

Usually linked with brutal wars and violence, AK 47 is considered to be the widely distributed assault rifle in the world, however, designers have now mapped out a new method to utilize this weaponry item. After, John Zapolski’s AK 47 cufflinks made from metal, now Fonderie 47, founded by John Zapolski and Peter Thum are planning to launch hi end jewelry made out of metal used in Avtomat Kalashnikovas, aka AK 47s. Notably, Fonderie 47 works with renowned designers such as Roland Iten and Philip Crangi to create handcrafted jewelry and accessories from weapons. Roland Iten happens to be the same designer who has designed the world’s most expensive cufflinks, which were retailed at $32,630.

Philip Crangi designs AK 47s earrings for Fonderie 47

According to John Zapolski, “We saw the AK 47 as an opportunity because it’s such a successful design. We’d like to directly contribute to the removal and destruction of 1 million of them over the next seven years.” Few months ago in September, actress wife of Peter Thum and founder of Fonderie 47, Cara Buono arrived at the Emmy Awards wearing earrings made from the metal of AK 47 recovered rifle.

The company along with Roland Iten and Philip Crangi has deigned elegant gold earrings by melting down barrels and other steel components. The signet rings start at $25,600 and the earrings costs around $23000 a pair. Each piece is inscribed by serial number of the rifle that went into its production. The profits from the sale will go to Fonderie 47 Foundation, a tax exempt nonprofit organization. This foundation finance non governmental organizations, like the Mines Advisory Group, which in turn are contracted by Congo’s government to destroy the weapons. According to Fonderie 47 foundation, they have destroyed around 6,000 assault rifles till date.

Via: Forbes/Fonderie 47

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