Philip Treacy’s Luxury Christmas crackers for Asprey comes with a pop-up hat

Andrea Divirgilio / December 20, 2012

Celebrated Irish milliner ‘hat designer’ whose creations have graced the heads of some of the most affluent individuals on the celebrity scene, including Lady Gaga, Sarah Jessica Paker, Grace Jones, the 36 guests to the royal wedding of Prince William and Kate Middleton, including the Princess Beatrice’s crazy wedding hat, and who has given his hat-designing services to the top-notch fashion brands like Karl Lagerfeld at Chanel, for Valentino, Ralph Lauren, Donna Karan, Philip Treacy has now designed a luxurious limited edition Christmas cracker for the British luxury brand Asprey. This $670 special edition cracker limited to just 80 examples impressively contains an exceptional Philip Treacy surprise party hat, beautiful star-shaped psychedelic confetti, a genuinely funny festive joke written by David Walliams, along with a collector’s sterling silver thimble engraved with Philip Treacy’s signature. Notably, one of the 80 crackers will also include a winning ticket for a bespoke hat designed by Philip Treacy himself.

Philip Treacy's Luxury £1,500 Christmas crackers for Asprey

Philip Treacy's Luxury £1,500 Christmas crackers for Asprey

Insides the faceted silver paper cracker, the hat which is originally inspired by the Millinery boxes that have been stacked up in Philip Treacy’s studio and is designed in collaboration with paper artist David Bartlett, comes folded into a bundle held together with ribbon. And once this is untied, Bartlett designed mechanism allows the hat to pop-up in the form of a pile of toppling hatboxes.

Philip Treacy's Luxury $670 Christmas crackers for Asprey

The cracker shell and hat comes hand-created, while the spiraling bows at each end of the shell has been produced through 3D printing.

Philip Treacy's Luxury £1,500 Christmas crackers for Asprey

Crackers which are the integral part of the Christmas and New Year celebrations comes in all luxurious forms, including the one we have seen in the form of limited edition Romanov Luxury Christmas crackers which are available at Harrods, and has been handcrafted and hand decorated with the finest trims.

Via: Telegraph / Asprey

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