Philipe Starck drills a ‘Magic Hole’ in latest chair collection

Andrea Divirgilio / April 17, 2010

magic hole chair philippe starck 1

For those of us who had taken the renowned designer Philipe Starck seriously when he said ‘design is dead’ and he ‘plans to retire,’ are in for a big surprise as he yet again unveils his design prowess at the Milan Design Week with “Magic Hole” Chair Collection. As the name suggests, it’s not hard to guess where it is derived from, but it’s really awesome when you look into its functionality. The “Magic Hole” collection consists of an armchair, a two seater sofa and a smaller table-front armchair that can hold objects like newspapers, magazines and probably your bills. Made from the shock resistant and weather proof materials, this collection with bright orange “Magic Hole” would give a unique touch of exclusiveness to your décor.

magic hole chair philippe starck 2

Via: Furniture Store Blog

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